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In today’s competitive world, it is crucial to effectively represent yourself, convey your ideas, and execute successful business strategies. As you advance in your career and navigate through life, mastering these skills becomes increasingly important. Whether you are dealing with time-constrained managers, curious peers, inquisitive customers, or a large conference audience seeking entertainment, being prepared with a compelling story is essential.

At GameChangers, we specialise in helping individuals and teams become confident presenters, equipped with captivating stories. Our tailor-made workshops focus on mastering three key elements: content development, verbal communication, and non-verbal communication.


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Looking to enhance team resilience and take your communication skills to the next level? Our Storytelling Training is the key to building a stronger and more cohesive team.

At GameChangers, we understand the impact of compelling narratives in driving engagement and delivering messages that stick. Our training program empowers you and your team to step out of your comfort zones and harness the true potential of storytelling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Dictionary will tell you a – a description of a connected series of event, which can either be true or false. And what I would always add, is that a true story should always be shared for entertainment purposes. Otherwise it would be just a list of possible events shared.

Yes, my believe is that everybody has it in their power to tell an engagement story. There structures to follow and lots of things that can be taking into consideration. The most important thing is that it does require some practice!

To not take the audiences needs and motivation into account and consider each story to be a one fit for all. In the training we share with you what questions to ask and simple technique how to flex your style.


“GameChangers helped us to significantly change our team communication with MapsTell trainings. They provide a practical and thought-provoking perspective on the world of understanding.”

CEO of Albert Heijn Vos

“Getting out of your comfort zone is empowerment for all employees that want to create change. We did it with the Ice Bath experience and MapsTell trainings and could not wish for better coaching than the GameChangers trainers did.”

Manager of Rockstars IT