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In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication is the key to conquering challenges and achieving remarkable success. Our behaviour has major impact on how we work and feel. Our perception influences our reality and our way of communicating. Understanding this adds a lot of value in work- and personal life happiness. It has the power to improve team dynamics, cooperation and productivity.


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Why is it that you work seamlessly with certain colleagues while feeling anxious around others? Have you ever wondered about your unique communication style and how others perceive you? The MapsTell training helps you to uncover the answers to these questions and provides valuable insights into your communication style and how it influences your private and professional relationships.

A MapsTell training is an engaging and interactive experience designed to enhance communication and collaboration within your team. The training will provide you with a lot of „aha-moments” in a fun and light-hearted way in order to kick start a conversation and become more understanding. The training enables a safe space for team members to understand and appreciate each other’s communication styles, ultimately leading to enhanced collaboration, stronger connections, and improved team performance.

We do this with our unique scan. Based on DISC, this scan visualises and maps behaviour in quite a literal way. Giving you direct and clear insight into your preferred behavioural profile without the need of too much text. Your profile literally puts you on a map and shows you, with the help of symbols as well as recognisable examples, how others may perceive you. To keep it fun and light-hearted we use map symbols, metaphors and every so often a nudge and a wink. ‘The world of difference’ is a proven and safe method to initiate and facilitate open dialogue. ‘The world of difference’ makes talking about behaviour approachable and non-confronting. We talk about behaviour, not people. The team moves across the mat and discusses each other’s PersonalMap, this creates a dialogue that leads to more understanding and a better connection with each other. Always having in mind that understanding one another does not mean agreeing.

It can open the door to understand different points of view on certain topics, i.e. different styles of leadership. The power of MapsTell is the fact that it works for all levels of the organisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MapsTell uses archetypes and a metaphorical map to represent personality types, while DiSC categorizes individuals into four primary behavioral styles.

The Personal map is a visualization of your active energy style on the World of Difference. The routeguide is an extended report about all your personal energy types with in depth information.


“GameChangers helped us to significantly change our team communication with MapsTell trainings. They provide a practical and thought-provoking perspective on the world of understanding.”

CEO of Albert Heijn Vos

“Getting out of your comfort zone is empowerment for all employees that want to create change. We did it with the Ice Bath experience and MapsTell trainings and could not wish for better coaching than the GameChangers trainers did.”

Manager of Rockstars IT