Steel Bending


Channel your inner strength to build mutual trust

Our connections with others shape our experiences and drive our collective growth. To forge genuine and lasting connections, trust is the foundation we must build upon. Trust is a powerful accelerator for everything we want to achieve. It is based on trusting yourself and as a next step, trusting others. The last step, trusting the process will free your team and yourself from the pressure we feel everyday. Based on common values and aligned on a shared vision, you can build anything. Enter the Steel Bending experience.


The experience

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The Steel Bending Challenge is more than just a physical feat – it’s a metaphore for the power of teamwork and the strength that emerges when we unite our efforts. As you face the steel together, you will learn to communicate effectively, synchronise your actions, and rely on one another’s support. Through this shared endeavour, you’ll create a connection that extends beyond the moment and forms the cornerstone of a high-performing team.

During the Steel Bending experience, you and your team members will pair up and attempt to bend 8mm of construction steel together. To do so, you need true connection, collaboration and full trust. In this case the construction steel is a good metaphor for really building something together with the team.

Discover the transformative impact of the Steel Bending Experience and embrace the opportunity to build unbreakable bonds, strengthen trust, and unleash the collective potential within your team.

Together, we bend barriers, exceed expectations, and create an enduring connection that propels you towards greatness.

After this experience, you will:

Clients served
Teams empowered
Professional trainers

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?

Want to improve the level of trust within your team? The Steel Bending Experience is one of the tools that we recommend when building a stronger team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Steel bending carries inherent risks, and proper training, technique, and safety precautions are crucial. Working with our certified GameChangers minimizes the risk of injuries.

The minumum number of attendees for a steel bending session is 2.

Yes, GameChangers is licensed for all tools available in our portfolio. For references please contact your GameChanger.


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